Comprehensive insurance covers:

  • Material and physical damage caused to others, (according to the ceilings specified in the compulsory insurance contract).
  • Physical injuries of passengers of the insured vehicle, including the driver, as a result of a traffic accident (according to the ceilings specified in the compulsory insurance contract).
  • Physical damage to the vehicle, as a result of traffic accidents, fire, theft.

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Comprehensive insurance benefits:

  • The company compensates the insured for the damage or loss to the insured vehicle due to the following:
    -Damage or loss resulting from a collision or a coup
    -Damage or loss due to fire or internal self-ignition.
    -Damage or loss resulting from theft or attempted theft.
  • The company repairs the vehicle and returns it to the way it was before the accident.
  • The company compensates for the additional expenses incurred by the insured to guard the vehicle or transport it to the nearest repair shop (as per the conditions of the policy).
  • Fast claim filing.
  • You can choose the repair workshop within the network of approved workshops.
  • Covers airbags in the event of an accident included.
  • Covering accidents against unknown drivers by 50% of the accident’s cost, and without limits.

24/7 roadside assistance includes:

  • Towing service in case of technical issues.
  • Other services (battery charging, tire repairing, refueling, towing vehicles stuck in the snow).

Additional coverage

  • Protection against natural disasters in return of an additional premium.
  • Agency repair for saloon cars that are not older than 3 years for an additional premium.