Money Insurance

This policy covers money against loss or theft from the safety box and/or during transport from the company to the bank.

Fidelity Insurance

This policy covers against fraud and/or embezzlement and/or theft and/or fraudulent shift by any employee during the insurance period.

Bankers blanket Insurance

This policy covers banks against financial risks.

Plate Glass Insurance

This policy reimburses the cost of replacing accidentally damaged glass except for damage caused by any risk covered within another policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

This policy covers individual against death and/or caused by and/or disability caused by an external and violent incident or unintentional accident.

Workmen’s Accidents Insurance

Workmen’s compensation, personal accidents, general third party liability, fidelity guarantee, cash insurance, professional indemnity.

Third-party Liability Insurance

This policy covers the legal responsibility of the insured towards the third party against damage that occur to them or to their property resulting from any accident

Professional indemnity Insurance

This policy covers the responsibility of the person and/or the company towards its clients against damage caused by negligence in his career

Employers Liability Insurance

This policy covers employers’ liability against injury and/or illness and/or death of his employees or damage caused by any negligent employer.

Jewelry Insurance

This policy covers jewelry against theft and/or robbery.

A Day Without Insurance is Like a Day Without Sunshine