Education Insurance Program "Shahadati"

How much will it cost to enroll educate your children in university?

"Shahadati" program is one of the most important savings insurance programs that gives you an opportunity to realize your ambition to educate your enroll children when they reach the age of university education with comfort and reassurance.

Do you want to ensure the happiness of your family and children at the academic level in light of the high prices of university education significantly? Therefore, you must draw up plans and implement projects that ensure the achievement of this goal from now and without any hesitation.

Why not dedicate a part of your time today to achieve your dreams!

Special Features:

To help you with the required planning, Arabia Insurance Company-Jordan presents to you this program, "Shahadati".

  • 4% is the minimum interest rate on your investment value payable on your investment
  • Protection of savings and investment
  • Covering school and university expenses
  • You can get a loan from your investment
  • The possibility of designing your program to suit your needs (school or university fees)
  • The ability to choose the payment method